Wednesday, May 9, 2007


In this episode I talk about the Gallipoli landings from World War One and chat a little bit about using Wikipedia.

Gallipoli Landings

Matt's today in History.
imdb page on Gallipoli (1981).
Blindfold and Alone Cathryn Corns and John Hughes-Wilson at
ANZAC Day at the Australian War Memorial.

Here are the images I promised.

The Dardanelles, you can see how thin the strait is. (link)

Australian troops at M'Cay's Hill. (link)

West Australian troops posing on the Pyramid at Giza. (link)

Boats that dropped off the last battalion of ANZAC troops for the landings on April 25 1915. (link)

The ANZAC troops on the beach. (link)

ANZAC troops on the beach, notice how thin the beach is and how steep the cliff is. (link)

Painting of the Battle of the Nek. (link)

Painting of the Battle of Long Pine. (link)

Current Lone Pine site. (link)

Maori carvings a long way from home. (link)


Stewart said...

great post.

like the idea of pictures to go with the podcast, particularly the maori carving one.

Nhung said...

Thanks a lot Carolyn, this was a fantastic podcast that helped my 12 year old son a lot with his Gallipoli class asssignment!